So, I’ve had a finished novel for the past many month.  It is my aspiration to see this novel published.  I am on my winter break at the moment. 

Where does all this lead you may ask? 

The conclusion that I have drawn is that I should be taking the necessary steps to get the novel on the desks of whatever publishers out there will be willing to look at it.  At present, the whole thing is as edited as I and a few others could make it, because there’s no way I would be sending something that I hadn’t attempted to fix out to anyone.  Besides, I figure I might want to start researching publishing companies and writing query letters while I am on break and have no homework and frankly, nothing better to do than write some more. 

Note to self:  Talk to my mother about finding some of those books that give profiles of publishing companies.  If anyone can find them, she can. 

The center of my dilemma is this.  My dad happens to know a guy through a work friend of his who is a literary agent.  We’ve been trying to get in touch with that guy for, like, two weeks now and have had no luck.  Now, the first week we called was the one right after Christmas, so it’s understandable that we heard nothing back.  But this is the second week after Christmas and I’m . . . not frustrated per se, but overeager.  

I want to talk to this agent.  I want to send him a summary or something so that he can decide and tell me and I can stop freaking out.  Or–if he decides not to represent me–so that I can get down to business and send my novel out on my own, which I don’t particularly want to do but will if necessary.  

In other words, please, please, please, let him send my dad a response call tomorrow before I go nuts!    


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