Skiing, School, and Unfulfilled Wishes

I can’t believe I am still on my Christmas break.  Had I been asked a week before finals about whether having a month off would be as good as I’d expected, I probably would have laughed in the face of whoever was doing the asking.  Now, I’m beginning to question whether a full month is really necessary.   Most of my friends are back at school, and there is only one exception to that rule who doesn’t go to the same school as me.

I’ll be honest.  I want to go back.  I want to see my college buddies and start new classes and go back to my extra-curricular activities and not have so much freaking time on my hands.  Granted, I can be productive when I’m supposed to be, but it’s difficult when I have this much uninterrupted time in front of me.  

You’re probably thinking I’m complaining about nothing right now, but it kind of feels like my life is on hold and only going back to school will put it back on track.  The thing is that I am a much more functioning person when I have a lot more that needs doing.  And if I’m going to be missing nearly all my friends, I figure I might as well miss them from school.  (Although I will miss my family.)  

Moving on, the four of us are going skiing up north this week, once my sister finishes her finals.  I’m looking forward to this, but the last time I came to this place I had issues being on some of the lifts because of my fear of heights.  Now, I have come a long way since then, but there’s still that little nagging fear that things aren’t going to go as well as I hope.  Plus, it’s going to be freezing when we go up there.  And I hate cold weather. 


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