Waiting for Tonight

My last journal feels awfully rant-y and depressive a week later.  Wonder why that is?  Maybe because my fears proved to be for naught.  I mean, I’m still playing the doubt game, but I’m playing while focusing on a million other things so I’m a less active participant.  Liking the metaphor? 

Except for the fact that my stomach decided to play games with me this morning and prevent me from going to class, I’m feeling pretty good.  I got to hang out with a friend who came and stayed over in our room because her roommate smelled like cigarette smoke and it was making her sick.  That was last night, when I also spent some time with my  . . . something.  He took me downtown to meet some of his friends and get food, which was fun despite the fact that I was the youngest person there by quite a bit.  After my last class today, my roommate and I are also planning to have a few people over to play games or hang out or what not.  Good times, good times.

Unfortunately, I still have to work two days tomorrow, not to mention continue catching up on my homework.  I just added a class, which means I have to go buy the books for it and make up all the lecture notes.  All I can say is that I’m thrilled I made up the lab portion today, since it’s a science class.  Still, I have one or two more things with my money situation to get straightened out, and I should probably do that today–or now–before my Mom calls and asks me if I’ve done them.  

Also hoping to get a phone call from dontmakemeover regarding how yesterday went for her.  That would provide a lovely little break in the monotony of this afternoon.  If you read this and it’s before 3:30, give me a call.  Okay?    


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