Spring Break, anyone?

I have way too much to do this weekend, so of course I’m posting on Livejournal rather than trying to make a dent in any of it.  My midterms are starting up next week, which means I have to start studying for them this weekend.  That’s on top of trying to write a paper that’s due Wednesday that I basically just started last night.  I’m starting to cut it a little bit close, considering I’m one of those people who likes to start major writing projects about a week in advance for maximum results.  At least the interview part of the paper is done, which means I have no excuse for not wrapping up the amount I’ve designated for myself tonight. 

Just to make things more complicated, I also have other homework on top of that, from three other classes.  Not looking forward to that at all.  On a far more unpleasant than homework note, I also have to write a sympathy letter to a friend of mine from high school who just lost her brother.  I’m almost afraid to do it because I don’t know what to say in regards to that.  I don’t know too many people who have actually lost young family members, and as one of my friends who has can attest, I am awkward as hell when it comes to trying to convey my sympathies to them.  Still, it needs to be done.  And is currently a high priority of mine. 

Not to mention I have to work tomorrow while trying to fit in time with my group of friends.  Oh, and writing?  Need to work on that as well, if it’s at all possible.  On the up side, I might be gettting the crutches off next Wednesday.  Can I get a few cheers?  I know the prospect of losing those things makes me want to. 

Well, this has been a mixed message, but I suppose that suits my mood. 


Valentine’s Day Weekend

Well, my weekend was eventful.  I don’t think I was away from people for more than a few hours at a time, all of those being on Sunday.  Seriously, I just barely accomplished some of the things I wanted to do, and other things that were equally as important got neglected.  Oh well. 

Friday night I hung with the girls and my boyfriend (though I use the term boyfriend loosely.  We haven’t been dating that long.)  Because a snowstorm of sorts hit the town where I go to school, we of course chose that night to order food in.  Stupid us, because we ended up waiting ninety minutes for pizza and declaring that we would never again order from Domino’s, as it was just too popular.  The snow stopped sometime around ten, just long enough to mess up my plans for potentially getting to work the next day.  Yes, I worked four hours Valentine’s Day morning.  Not fun, but manageable. 

Once I was done working I came back and took a very brief shower because one of my friends had her boyfriend in town for the weekend and very much wanted us to meet him.  We girls hung out with the happy couple for awhile, and when they left we decided to go down to the cafeteria and get dinner.  Of course, the instant I got back I got a call from my own boyfriend asking me if I wanted to go get food.  One of these days we will get the timing right with that.  

Anyway, I ended up hanging out with him that evening.  My roommate as well, once we both got back from our separate destinations.  The only problem/downside was that he came down with a bad cold that night and didn’t feel too great the rest of the evening.  I felt bad for him, but I was still glad that he’d come around and that we’d gotten to spend so much time together.  

Sunday, just to wrap things up, we all went out for dinner again and it was fun.  The walk back to the bus stop was a pain in the ass on crutches, but manageable with my friends all urging me on.  And that’s the overview.  I’ll probably be putting a more in depth version in my own private diary, but I figured I should put something on here regardless.       

This. Freaking. Sucks.

I went to Student Health today to get a lingering foot problem checked out, and it turns out I have a stress fracture.  Though that had been what my mom was telling me, I don’t think I exactly comprehended all that that would entail.  Until the doctor brought out a protective boot and crutches.  Guess who’s off her feet–well, foot–for the next several weeks?  And who has multiple classes on the other side of campus?  And who’s going to become very familiar with the bus schedule?  Yours truly. 

I can’t even begin to describe how pissed I am.  The timing couldn’t be worse, because the weather’s been so nice that I actually don’t mind walking around.  Plus, I have a date of sorts planned for Valentine’s Day that involves walking somewhere, and now I’m not sure if I can do it.  Mostly, it’s just the hassle of having to gimp around everywhere and take showers, and get in and out of doors, and get around, and get food, and do everything.  On one leg.  Why does this kind of shit always happen to me??  

Excuses, Excuses (Oh, and a few Plans)

I have class in half an hour, so I’ll make this quick.  Apologies for not updating in so long, but school and homework have completely gotten the better of me for this last week.  I’ve managed to sneak in a few phone calls and face to face chats with some of my friends, but it seems like an awfully long while since I’ve done anything that’s fun for me on a solitary, personal level e.g. reading, writing, etc. 

Indeed, I’m planning to make a trip to the library this weekend to do some research for my sequel, and the prequel that I started working on because I’m the kind of person who must tackle more than one thing at once.  (Stupid Ellen, very, very stupid.)  Despite the fact that my left foot and ankle have been acting up, and walking downtown sounds not at all pleasant like it would’ve been in the fall or late summer, I will be going, just because I can’t afford to set my projects aside any longer.  Not without risking my own sanity anyway.  And who knows, maybe I’ll reward myself with free Starbucks since that’s in the same direction.  On a side note, are free and "paying with gift card" the same thing?  Since no money is actually being spent, I’m thinking yes.