Excuses, Excuses (Oh, and a few Plans)

I have class in half an hour, so I’ll make this quick.  Apologies for not updating in so long, but school and homework have completely gotten the better of me for this last week.  I’ve managed to sneak in a few phone calls and face to face chats with some of my friends, but it seems like an awfully long while since I’ve done anything that’s fun for me on a solitary, personal level e.g. reading, writing, etc. 

Indeed, I’m planning to make a trip to the library this weekend to do some research for my sequel, and the prequel that I started working on because I’m the kind of person who must tackle more than one thing at once.  (Stupid Ellen, very, very stupid.)  Despite the fact that my left foot and ankle have been acting up, and walking downtown sounds not at all pleasant like it would’ve been in the fall or late summer, I will be going, just because I can’t afford to set my projects aside any longer.  Not without risking my own sanity anyway.  And who knows, maybe I’ll reward myself with free Starbucks since that’s in the same direction.  On a side note, are free and "paying with gift card" the same thing?  Since no money is actually being spent, I’m thinking yes.  


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