Spring Break and Other Things

Well, I’m finally on my Spring Break catching a much needed rest.  Because this is college, I still have homework to do, which doesn’t make me happy but what can you do?  I’m at work right now, which means I have four hours ahead of me during which to do homework and catch up on other things, barring the arrival of any customers of course.  So far it has been completely non-busy, and I’m hoping that trend continues. 

My little sister’s family birthday party is today.  Should be a good time once we finish the cleaning my mother thinks our house requires in preparation for any social gathering.  Hopefully the grandparents, aunts, and uncles actually managed to find gifts for her since she is notoriously close-mouthed about what she wants.  On a personal level, I’m expecting an interogation of sorts about my second semester and even more so about my relationship.  (Since my mother just informed me that everyone in our family knows.  *facepalms*)  

I finally heard some stuff from the literary agent, but I’m still waiting to speak to him in person.  Basically he said that I’m a talented writer, but that the idea is a younger person idea, which makes sense because I started writing it when I was sixteen.  Now I just need to hear from him regarding what he thinks I should do with this particular project next.  Then I can be at least somewhat satisfied, even though publishing might be out of the question for now.   


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