I apparently need more music to listen to.  I have been stuck on the same set of songs for a few months now, and I am desperately looking for something new.  If anyone has any recommendations for stuff I should check out, I’d be interested to hear them, seeing as I have a massive public library and the internet at my disposal to search for new artists.  By the way, it is artists I am preferably seeking, although I’m not going to say no to a list of songs or something.

Thanks very much.  Hope you all had a good Easter.


I have the strangest feeling . . .

. . . that my life is going by far too quickly, at least in this moment.  I’m reading a book right now about three girls who come back from their first year of college and find that their whole home world has changed.  God, I’m praying that I’m the one who comes back changed and that things at home remain the same.  I know I can’t expect all my friendships to, but I honestly don’t know how I would get through this summer without being able to go out and see my high school buddies, most of whom I haven’t seen since Christmas. 

Mostly, all I could do as I read was think about how soon enough I’ll be back from my first year of college, and I’ll have the whole summer to spend missing people from school and, at least in some small corner of my brain, wanting to be back there.  However, I’m thinking summer will be easier than Spring Break in terms of missing people, because there’s way more to do in the summertime, between the job I’m hoping I’ll have and the class I’m probably taking, the traveling I’ll be doing, and with any luck, the friends with which I’ll be spending time. 

Still, I can’t get over the acute sensation that the world is spinning far too rapidly for it’s own good right now.