I’m not having a good day.

My glands are quite swollen, my throat is, as a result, unbelievably sore, I’m dead tired, I have to start studying for finals on top of doing my homework, and I JUST WANT IT TO BE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR ALREADY. 

I’ve just been feeling so burned out, that I want a few weeks downtime to relax and sleep and write and read for pleasure and generally do non-school related things.  Jeez.  Is that too much to ask?  Of course, summer school starts a mere few weeks after I’m finished, which is also going to make my life very unpleasant.  If you see me ranting about the stupidity of math a lot during the summer months, know that I’ve given you a heads up as to why. 

Plus, have I mentioned that the next door neighbors and the girls across the hall from them were, first, blasting their music obscenely loudly considering we are having quiet hours from now until the end of the semester.  Once we got our RA to tell them, after a little persuading, to quiet down, they started running between rooms shrieking and yelling and acting annoying. 

Have I mentioned that’s another reason I’m ready to leave?  I need a break from the stupid.  


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