Facebook and Discoveries

So, I just found out that my boyfriend, his brother, and some of their friends were robbed at gunpoint.  They were out walking around late at night in what probably wasn’t a very nice neighborhood, and two black guys pulled guns on them and took a fair amount of their stuff.  Obviously, this scared me quite a bit, even knowing that it was well after the fact and all parties were fine.  Now, one of the things that is getting under my skin–besides the desire to see my boyfriend and make sure he’s fine ASAP–is that I had to find out via a facebook note.

Now, I can understand why he might not have wanted to call and tell me.  For one thing, I’ve been sick, and he probably wasn’t keen on the idea of waking me up late at night to tell me what was going on.  Another possible scenario I’ve come up with was that he wanted to tell me face to face, so that I had some kind of reassurance that he was fine, while he was telling me the story.  But still?  Facebook?  I mean, I know it’s good for communication, but I think with something this important I would have been calling as many of my friends and family as possible a) to let them know what was going on and b) to hear their voices. 

Again, I can’t say for sure because I’m not–and hopefully won’t ever be–in their shoes.  But is it wrong of me to feel a little put out that I’m going to have to make a phone call tonight and ask what happened?  And is it weird that I’m still awfully jittery knowing that they’re probably safe at their chosen destination by this point.  (The place where they were robbed was just a stop-over.) 

Anyway, I’m not trying to come off as whiny or bitchy or a pay-attention-to-me kind of individual.  I just wish I’d had some kind of head’s up as to what was going on, partially because I’ve been spending the majority of my afternoon sitting here and wishing I could see him and verify for myself that he’s fine.  *sigh*  Only about twenty-four more hours until he’s back. 


One thought on “Facebook and Discoveries

  1. Ah, now a few more things make sense. I hung out with him a bit on Saturday, which was when I heard about this. I mentioned to him that you were feeling better and he said that you called, and honestly, I wondered why.
    So you found out because his brother wrote a Facebook note while at ACen?

    You know, I kinda think the only reason he didn’t up and call you was because it was late at night and he didn’t want you to worry. Although all of this is pretty much a moot point as you know now and he’s back in Iowa. Honestly though, you’d probably be surprised at what I’ll forget to tell people because I’m distracted by things. Like conventions.

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