Job Related Musings

So, I’ve worked twice since I’ve been home from school.  Two measely times, and I’m already beginning to think I might go crazy.  I work in a children’s shoestore, and by and large it isn’t a bad gig.  I can sit on the computer or do whatever the hell I want when my boss has no chores for me or there are no customers in the store.  Up until this year, I actually didn’t mind coming to work.

Here’s where my complaints are coming from.  For one thing, nobody knows how to restrain their children!  I swear, any family that has two or more will inevitably have no idea what this mystical force known as "discipline" actually is.  The first time I came home, after a four hour shift Sunday, I actually told my Mom that she had done a good job raising my sister and I, simply because we never got away with behaving like that in public.  Either my mother was stricter than usual or parents in this particular town just don’t give a damn if their kids run and yell and throw things and generally disobey.  

Even bouncy little kids don’t bother me as much as parents who gripe about things that I’m supposed to be able to fix, yet can’t help.  I am not the store manager or owner, people, I have no say in what we order, when, or what sizes or types of shoes we are supposed to buy.  My job is to man the register and sell people what we do have, and parents who get on my case because we don’t have enough in stock only serve to piss me off. 

Take your complaints to the management, because I am simply the help.  In case you’ve forgotten, the economy sucks at the present time, people are losing their jobs, and consumer spending is down.  We don’t have the money to restock the shelves every six months like we would have a year or two ago, and no one seems to understand that. 

Anyway, that’s it for my ranting for the day.  Sorry for those of you who don’t care or think I’m full of shit, but I had to get my frustration out or someone would have paid for it later. 


5 thoughts on “Job Related Musings

  1. I second the motion on parents not restraining their offspring. We were at Petsmart today, taking the dogs to the vet there. This little girl kept trying to pet our pooches even when we told her not to, as I didn’t want Prinny to snap at her, which she sometimes does. And I had no idea where the mom was.

    Seriously, this is why I’m afraid of retail work. Stupid people.

  2. You make me worry over the impending school-age child supervising. I may not be cut out to handle the stupid. I agree with Cat. Retail=sadness.

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