Visitors and Visiting

I’m am quite happy at the moment.  My boyfriend is coming to visit me for the next three or so days, and on day two of his visit we are both going to be hanging with my roommate and our mutual friend.  On day three, some of my home friends may or may not be having a get together, which would mean seeing more people I haven’t seen since winter break. 

Let the good times commence! 


3 thoughts on “Visitors and Visiting

  1. I hope you have lots of happy fun times! Which reminds me, we need to figure out some time to get together. Partly because I am a bad planner. Also because my job requires a two week advance notice on any vacation time.

    • Yes, we do. I was just thinking the other day that we need to get you and a certain other state-based someone over here so more happy fun times may happen! Anyway, I’ll start checking my calendar, but since next to nothing is happening for my family in July, I’m thinking sometime then.

      • That sounds pretty peachy. I am totally missing you guys like whoa. Amplified by the fact that most of my home friends are on vacation. WTF, guys. WTF. Anyway, whatever’s good for you.

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