Random Encounters

So, I was at Panera Bread tonight by myself getting dinner when I met someone I’d never expected to run into.  When the girl at the counter taking my order said she recognized me, I was a little confused.  When she said she thought she’d seen pictures of me, I was weirded out.  When she asked me if I knew–insert name of my first and only ex-boyfriend here–I had one of those OMFG moments that rarely ever happens to me. 

Turns out that she, too used to date my ex, at the same time when I was having a fling with the guy.  (Long story.  If you’re not in the know, please don’t ask.)  But WAIT.  The plot thickens.  As it also happens, there were five of us he was seeing/messing around with/God knows whatever else at the same time.  Four girls, and one guy.  I wasn’t sure whether to be surprised, horrified or sickened.  I knew there was one girl he dated at the time he took me to Prom.  (We went as friends so it wasn’t a big deal.)   I knew there was the girl he was seeing from another state while we were having our fling.  I had ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA that there were three other people of varying genders he was with on the side.  

Now, I’m well over this guy.  Have been for awhile now, helped by the fact that I’m dating someone who isn’t screwing around with other people and lying to me about it.  But when I heard about this from a stranger–who it turns out I have a lot in common with–I still felt kind of used, even though this was well over a year ago.  Is that strange?  I mean, I don’t even care anymore, but it still kind of hurt.  Odd.

Anyway, I got the girl’s cell number and we’re going to meet up and hang out.  Apparently there’s a lot I don’t know about this and–sick as it sounds–I want to find out just what I was clueless about for so long.  

In other words, expect updates.


Writer’s Block: Significant Choices

If I was engaged or married to my significant other, than I’d choose them, every time.  Because I’m not, I’d have to say friends.  I adore my significant other, but we haven’t been going out that long, and if that falls apart, I want to be able to say that I’d have a solid group of friends who still want to see me. 

Summery Things

Why is it that, when I have all the time in the world to update this, I can barely manage to do so once a week?  Summer is supposed to be my productive writing/reading/other things season, and yet I’m not doing so great a job of it this time around.  Decent on the reading, fine on the writing, and mediocre on the other things.  *sigh* 

Maybe it’s because my summer has been fairly uneventful so far.  Things have started slowly for the most part.  I’ve seen most of my home friends at least once, though I’m hoping there will be more fun activities in the future, as it feels like I’m not seeing them enough considering all the time I’ve been home.  As I mentioned before, I had my boyfriend come up to visit me, and we both spent some time with my roommate while he was here, which was awesome.  However, that was a week or so ago, and I’m missing them both already.

Hey, when you live with someone and see the others all the time, it’s bound to feel a little weird without them.  As a result–and because this kind of thing needs lots of forward planning–I’ve already begun to come up with days in which certain other people can come and stay.  It’s quite possible that, until the grad parties start and my friends and I get back in the swing of hanging out, I’ll need whatever I can to break up the monotony that will be a math class and a job that’s not giving me nearly enough hours.  

Granted, I do need to apply at more places, but the later the summer goes, the less of a chance of me getting hired anywhere.  Which means that instead of working twenty or thirty hours a week to replace some of the money taken out of my savings, I will be devoting my time to College Algebra and Trig.  Ugh. 

And that’s all to report for now.  However, I’m thinking of posting the things I’ve posted to a community I’ve recently joined on my own personal journal for my friends and whoever else to read.  They’re all random fiction prompts of various sorts, and I’m pretty fond of them.  Thoughts?