I need a new job.

At school, I mean.  I hate my job at school, and as I told my roommate, being back at it just reminds me of how much I hate it.  For one thing, it’s completely poorly run.  They still have massive gaps in the scheduling, yet they opened today.  They opened today and didn’t send out an email saying, "Hey, here’s when we open."  As a result, I was late to work by a good two hours.  Lovely.  Just what I need to make my bosses like me.

Plus, all the hours I get are on weekends because all employees have to work four hour shifts, and I only have four hours available on weekends.  Not to mention they’ve changed the way they do things so that you have to work eight hours in order to take advantage of the 4.50 meal coupons that would basically give you free food.  And here’s the kicker.  No student employees–or next to none–work eight hours!  Clever, isn’t it?  

I desperately need a job where I can do some weekend hours, sure, but also a couple hours here and there during the week.  I think that would fit my schedule far better.  Time to start looking.  


Good News

So, I have several pieces of information, all of them pleasant.  For one thing, I am back at school!  (And completely happy to be here, I might add.)  Woot!

Okay, so that was not what I wrote this entry to say.  My BIG news, as you might have guessed by the capitalization, is that I’ve finished my second novel.  For those of you not familiar with my work, this one is the sequel to the one I finished writing a year ago, and editing about six months before.  I’m horribly proud of myself, in large part because I wrote at least half this summer.  Three whole months of work, and about thirty chapters later, and I’m finally finished.

The editing will be put on hold until Christmas Break, when I’m definitely going to have the time to do so.  Plus, there will have been enough space between the completion of the writing itself and my attempts at editing for me to be able to look at the thing with a more objective eye.  As a novel, it would be obscenely long in print.  However, it’s easily seventy pages shorter than its precursor was at this stage, which makes me think there’s hope for me yet.  ( I am notoriously long-winded.)  

Anyway, I’m thrilled because now I can start writing my next idea, which, once I can outline it to my satisfaction, should be completely awesome.  Here’s looking forward to new beginnings!

Trip Psycho-Babble, among other things

I don’t have a whole lot to say right now, which is funny considering I usually blabber like nobody’s business about my vacations.  Yes, I am on vacation right now, and the place is beautiful, and I’m having a good time.  But I can’t help but wish that I just had our usual five day jaunt to my second home ahead, instead of this ten day odyssey.  It’s not like ten days is that long, especially given that my family routinely takes trips that are almost two weeks in length. 

It’s just–and this is hard to explain–that I feel as though I should be at home right now.  There isn’t much rhyme or reason for it, other than me wanting things to be the way they always are.  Usually, we take our long trip in July, right in the middle of the summer when everyone wants to get the hell out of town.  By the time August rolls around, we take a short little trip to the next state over and spend a few days relaxing and eating and playing around.  

I tend to prefer it that way, because I like to spend the majority of the period before school starts lying around my house and relishing in my last few weeks of freedom.  That’s not to say I’m having any less fun, but a small, selfish part of me, wants to be at home seeing my friends and prepping for school and packing, and taking care of last minute details.  Instead, I have all of four days to take care of EVERYTHING before I go off to college again, and that’s going to stress me out like crazy.  School gives me more than enough stress.  I do not need stress BEFORE school starts.  

Again, that’s not to say I’m not looking forward to school  (This is a very contradictory message, isn’t it?  Sorry!)  I’ll be ready to go back to school when the time comes, for many reasons.  But I’d really prefer to spend the time beforehand relaxing at home, instead of running around out of town.  Oh well.  There are worse things to endure than a prolonged vacation.