Good News

So, I have several pieces of information, all of them pleasant.  For one thing, I am back at school!  (And completely happy to be here, I might add.)  Woot!

Okay, so that was not what I wrote this entry to say.  My BIG news, as you might have guessed by the capitalization, is that I’ve finished my second novel.  For those of you not familiar with my work, this one is the sequel to the one I finished writing a year ago, and editing about six months before.  I’m horribly proud of myself, in large part because I wrote at least half this summer.  Three whole months of work, and about thirty chapters later, and I’m finally finished.

The editing will be put on hold until Christmas Break, when I’m definitely going to have the time to do so.  Plus, there will have been enough space between the completion of the writing itself and my attempts at editing for me to be able to look at the thing with a more objective eye.  As a novel, it would be obscenely long in print.  However, it’s easily seventy pages shorter than its precursor was at this stage, which makes me think there’s hope for me yet.  ( I am notoriously long-winded.)  

Anyway, I’m thrilled because now I can start writing my next idea, which, once I can outline it to my satisfaction, should be completely awesome.  Here’s looking forward to new beginnings!


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