I need a new job.

At school, I mean.  I hate my job at school, and as I told my roommate, being back at it just reminds me of how much I hate it.  For one thing, it’s completely poorly run.  They still have massive gaps in the scheduling, yet they opened today.  They opened today and didn’t send out an email saying, "Hey, here’s when we open."  As a result, I was late to work by a good two hours.  Lovely.  Just what I need to make my bosses like me.

Plus, all the hours I get are on weekends because all employees have to work four hour shifts, and I only have four hours available on weekends.  Not to mention they’ve changed the way they do things so that you have to work eight hours in order to take advantage of the 4.50 meal coupons that would basically give you free food.  And here’s the kicker.  No student employees–or next to none–work eight hours!  Clever, isn’t it?  

I desperately need a job where I can do some weekend hours, sure, but also a couple hours here and there during the week.  I think that would fit my schedule far better.  Time to start looking.  


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