Writer’s Block: Top of the Charts

"Ride Forever" by Paul Gross.  It’s from a TV show called Due South, that aired in the nineties.  It’s most played status is mostly a result of my family I think . . .


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Top of the Charts

  1. Back to Roots

    We have a few things you need to edit before we can approve your post.

    The subject line needs to read: Romance – Drama: Back to Roots

    The info at the beginning of your post needs to be:

    Title: Back to Roots
    Author: IrisFlower81
    Primary Genre: Drama
    Secondary Genre: General/Romance
    Rating: M, but loosely [state the reason why. language/mature themes/violence]

    Also, in the story, when you have someone speaking, please enter after they’ve spoken.



    “Hi, how are you?” “Good, and you?”


    “Hi, how are you?” asked Jen.

    “Good, and you?” replied Steve.

    Please also space between paragraphs, it’s easier for members to read. I’m going to reject your post so you can fix these little things. If you’ll repost with the correct changes, I’ll be happy to approve. Thank you!

    Also, please enable your PM function for future contact needs.


  2. I cannot figure out how to PM you.

    Hello! I’m Liz, a mod over at TWA. We just wanted to let you know that your Back to Roots stories is currently abled to be viewed by the public. You can easily fix this by editing your posts and setting them to members only, which will keep them safe! Please do this as soon as possible.

    Your TWA Mods.

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