Secret Project

Yes, that’s right.  I am embarking on a project that I will begin in the not so distant future.  If I am successful in doing so, you will all know about it.  If I am not successful, well, let’s just say I may need your sympathies.  Let the planning for the secret project begin!

P.S.  Also, sorry for my lack of posts here of late.  I’ve been kind of uber busy and unfortunately, of this journal, the journal I keep for myself and the one I’m being forced to keep for a class, this one is the one that escapes my notice.  I will try and remedy that soon.


5 thoughts on “Secret Project

    • I would lie, but yes, that was what I was thinking of. Nice work on the guessing front! I am indeed impressed. Anyway, I’m kind of doing Nano, because I already have a couple thousand words of a project written, so my goal is to aim for fifty above that number. We’ll see how it goes.

      By the way, I heard you and Kristen are doing it too. Yay for Nanowrimo buddies!

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