Music Woes

I am currently wishing that I’d bothered to use up the three or four year old iTunes gift cards I have sitting at home.  I could really use some new music.  That’s not to say I don’t have songs I’m currently listening to, but I do wish they were on my music player so I could carry them around with me.  Then again, there’s also the issue of me not having a functioning pair of headphones right now, which means borrowing the ones my roommate owns and is oh-so graciously lending me at times.  

In terms of playing music, I would really, really like a capo for my guitar so that I can move on to learning some of the other sheet music I have that requires one.  I’ve nearly mastered all the songs that I can master for the music I have without a capo, which would mean getting some new sheet music or getting a capo.  Frankly, I think both (and a trip to the library) are in order.  

Thankfully my birthday is coming up, which means that I can ask for capo and new headphones . . . assuming my dad still has his job and my parents can spend money on gifts.  *growl*  I dared bring up my birthday the other day and I got a barely concealed tongue lashing over not asking for things that we may not be able to afford.  The thing is that I really don’t have that much that I want.  There are maybe four items, and two of them are general and would allow me to do my own shopping.  Guess I’ll be waiting to see if this will be a birthday with gifts, or one without.  

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