Have I really not posted an entry to this since . . . oh, wait.  It was December 12th when I last posted.  Not nearly as long ago as I thought it would be.  However, that was only a Writer’s Block entry, so I’m not sure it entirely counts.  Anyway, much has happened since I last posted . . . whenever I last posted a real entry.  I’ve finished another semester at school, which feels like something of an accomplishment.  It won’t feel as real until my grades are up, which I’ve been checking for EVERY DAY.  No such luck, and I’m going insane.

On the other hand, I lost my grandmother–my mom’s mother–exactly a week ago today, and I feel bad for not feeling worse about it.  I think we’re just all so relieved that she isn’t suffering anymore, than it hurts less that she’s gone.  She was sick for a really long time, and I’m hoping she’s in a place where cancer doesn’t exist.  That’s one Christmas wish down, I suppose.

At any rate, it’s sort of nice to be home.  I don’t feel like dealing with the various issues a certain member of my family has, mostly because they refuse to acknowledge that said issues exist.  Maybe the upcoming appointment will clear that up.  Here’s hoping anyway.  Still, it’s nice to see my family, and the one friend I’ve managed to spend time with.  Plans with the rest of the crowd are forthcoming, and there will probably be an update about that.

On the down side, I still can’t get away from the fact that my boyfriend will not be back at school next semester, and I don’t like it one bit.  I like having him around, being able to run up to his room and have him run down to mine.  I like being able to go on crazy random dessert runs at eleven o’clock at night, and sleep over just because it suits us.  A very large part of me wishes I didn’t have to deal with the whole separation thing until summer.  I’m very bad at being selfless.

Talked to him on the night I got back from the funeral for a good three and a half hours, until nearly two a.m.  It was a good conversation, but there were two things about it that got under my skin.  Only one of them truly bothers me.  Unless it comes up again, he won’t be hearing about it for awhile.  I feel like we touch on this subject too much anyway. 

While I’m on that front, I also need to contact my roomie post Christmas about a food/hanging out run.  And possibly find somewhere with WiFi so I can borrow her computer for something basic that mine seems incapable of doing.  *bats eyelashes hopefully*  We’ll see how everything works out. 

Happy holidays, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. Erp. I’m terrified of finding out the rest of my grades. And yet, I can’t stop checking either.

    I’m sorry about your grandma, but I am glad that it’s not really rough for you. I hope some of those familial issues get cleared up though.

    Nah, I wouldn’t blame you. I’m annoyed that he’s not going to be around, just as we now have a shared fandom. Jeez, we hung out until like 2 in the morning watching Doctor Who on Friday. Hm. I might have an idea what you’re talking about, might not. We can always talk if you feel like.

    Definitely definitely. Huh. Of course I’m fine with you using my comp, but what’s up?

    • Yeah, he mentioned that you were up really freaking late watching Dr. Who the night I left. Glad both of you had fun. You probably have a general idea of what’s bothering me, as you usually do, but I learned a couple things that made me think. Definitely though, I’ll probably get in touch with you sometime after Christmas.

      And in terms of using your computer, I may need to copy some pictures into your photoshop so I can upload them to the internet. I don’t have the right kind of photo editing software that livejournal wants, apparently.

      • Good. I’ll look forward to hanging out.

        Okay. Yeah, that’d be fine. Though, do you need to save a file in a different format or something? Because depending on what you need to do, you might not even need my computer.

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