Can I go back to school yet?

Because right now, I seriously can’t deal with being at home.  Too many health issues, too many personality conflicts, and far too much shit I don’t want to deal with.  I don’t care if that makes me sound selfish, but I just don’t want to be here anymore.  After New Year’s Eve, I really have nothing to look forward to.  Two weeks of boredom and drama and unnecessary shit at home.  Really, when can we all go back?  I may ask my parents if I can a day early.  That’s how eager I am. 

In other news, I’m stuck on my novel, so I can’t distract myself with that, and I’m not really in the mood to read, because all the books I have are bloody depressing.  I need something light-hearted, and I’m not getting that either.  Plus, I have nowhere to go outside my house save the bookstore or the library.  Music is giving me trouble because I can’t understand guitar tabs, and the stuff I need to start doing before school goes back in session is not looking appealing either.  Maybe I’ll start looking for places to live next year tonight, just for something to do online while I wait for someone to get back to me on facebook.  

Yeah, I’m going insane here.  And even though I feel bad for complaining about it, that guilt is not going to stop me from whining. 


3 thoughts on “Can I go back to school yet?

  1. Hey hey, let’s plan an outing to Mitsuwa then. I’d invite you to come over here, except that I think the allergies would kill you downstairs and the attic is a bit of an acquired taste. Maybe we can find somewhere else to go in Arlington Heights?

    • That sounds like a good plan. I need to check up on dates, but when I find anything that works for both of us–or if you do–we’ll do it. Also, downtown Arlington Heights is supposed to be pretty nice, if we want to walk around or something.

      *Note* Sorry for whining at you and everyone else who reads this. I was in a REALLY shitty mood that day.

      • I’m pretty free, so tell me when’s a good day for you.

        Nah, it’s no problem. God knows what my mental status would be like right now if I didn’t have fandom to distract myself with.

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