Saturday Night Routine and Writing Updates

Is it good, bad, interesting, or just plain weird that I’m starting to follow/keep up with/understand Dungeons and Dragons?  I really don’t know how to classify this, other than in terms of it being a nice way to spend time with my boyfriend.  Every Saturday he and his friends get together and play for a few hours, during which time I usually try and get homework/writing/editing done.  The exception to this rule would be tonight, where I brought my homework and then decided that writing a two page analytical paper based on a poem in Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads just doesn’t sound like a good idea.  Besides, I have all day tomorrow anyway. 

I really want to do some writing, because the editing thing is starting to drive me insane.  I just need to get through the editing, rewrite chapter two, and then send this off to people so that they can look at it/critique/give me constructive criticism.  I have a few in mind, least of which being some of my good friends at school, my never fail editor and friend who attends a different school, and probably my dad, just because he writes for a living and has some idea of how to edit fiction.  

I’m on chapter sixteen, and I’m trying desperately to get to chapter twenty-five, a distance of nine chapters.  It’s taking me longer than I would’ve thought, and there are a few things I’m not fixing yet, just to see if my editors pick up on them or think they need to be fixed.  So, yeah.  Things are looking better this time around, although I will be in a much better head space when I can get this editing done and send it off to people.

However, I’ve been doing plenty of writing for school, starting with a short story for a Fiction class starring two side characters from my very same novel.  My next project, other than the aforementioned paper, is a long essay for a memoir class.  That will be really fucking interesting.  I hate writing myself, and even though I have an idea that doesn’t feel too personal, I don’t know at all how it’s going to come out.  And that makes me nervous.  Stay tuned for updates!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Routine and Writing Updates

  1. I feel so bad now that I haven’t been doing any editing on what you gave me last time…. *hides face in shame* Well, when I get my backup and my laptop back I will be committed to starting. I can read fast.

  2. Don’t worry about it. I’ll probably be sending you my latest, and asking you to focus on that if at all possible. I know I’m loading a lot on you, but if you do the book I’m going to send you, you can leave Uprooted for longer. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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