I was able to persuade my boyfriend into staying the night, though it was not in his original plan.  He has no issues with this, and the brother who has to come and get him has no issues with this, because it means he gets to get out of the house and come to dinner with us tomorrow evening before he takes my boyfriend home.  Or at least, that’s the impression I get. 

However, my boyfriend’s mother was not keen on this idea because she has not seen him since Thursday, and he’ll be coming back on Sunday evening, before going back to work on Monday.  Should I feel guilty about keeping him from his family, when I haven’t seen him in a week, since last Saturday?  I feel as though I should, but I don’t.  At all. 

It is what it is I guess.  I’m not forcing him to be here, although he knows that I like him to be.  I guess I’ll just hope that his mom isn’t too annoyed with him, especially since he promised he’d be going to church on Sunday morning.  Not that big a deal to me, but to each their own . . .


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