Writer’s Block: So far so good

Best movie:  Up.  By far and away.
Best book:  The best one I’ve read recently is called "The Lonely Hearts Club."
Best song:  Either "Cowboy Casanova" by Carrie Underwood, or "Terrified" by Kara DioGuardi.



So, it feels like most of what I’ve been doing lately is waiting for other things to happen.  I was waiting for Spring Break, and I thought that would be it for awhile.  The thing is that now that I’m home, I’m only waiting more for things to happen.  Here’s the list. 

Things for which I am currently in the waiting process, in the order of their occurrence: 

1.  Calling/talking to the boyfriend
2.  Calling/talking to a bestie
3.  Potentially seeing a few other high school buddies
4.  Calling the local Barnes and Noble about a job/job interview
5.  Visiting the local animal shelter to cuddle some fuzzy things, in absence of having any fuzzy things to cuddle
6.  Going back to school
7.  Seeing friends back at school
8.  Seeing Avenue Q once I am back at school
9.  Seeing the boyfriend at school
10.Waiting for those I’ve requested read my book to finish it, so I can start making and evaluating corrections and then query agents.

Of course, some of these are going to take less time than other things will.  I know that I can and will talk to the boyfriend tomorrow, whereas I know that it will potentially be a few more months before anyone gets back to me about the book.  Just the reality of the situation, I guess, but I can’t help but wish that things were different.