Saturdays are both the most wonderful and annoying day of the whole damn week.  Far more eventful than Friday too, I might add, as it means that I can hang out with my friends and see my boyfriend.  The issue here is that he works until 4:30 in the afternoon, and has a forty minute drive ahead of him to actually get to where I am. 

On the plus side, this forces me to be a productive human being, and do laundry, homework, etc. prior to his showing up.  I usually get up around ten thirty or so, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and clean up by twelve-ish.  Then I do my best to get things done and keep getting things done until his arrival.  Unfortunately, I have just filled my homework quota for the day, the thought of picking up another book makes me want to die, and I still have about ninety minutes at most until he arrives. 

People, this is when I start fussing on the same websites repeatedly, attempting to write, and waiting for phone calls.  When all else fails, I pace the floor and whine to my ever-patient roommate, who mocks me good-naturedly for my impatience.  

However, the funny thing about today is that she just remarked, "You know, I’m actually hoping your boyfriend gets here so we can go out and get food."  

That’s another Saturday night perk.  When he’s here we have an excuse to eat real food, instead of the sad lack of such that they serve in the dorms on the weekends.  

Anyway, I’m down to about seventy-five minutes to wait, and I’m expecting a phone call in about fifteen.  Hope everyone’s having an enjoyable weekend! 


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