Inch by Agonizing Inch

I swear to God, this paper is going to be the death of me.  I’m not sure which I hate more; specific assignments, or the ones where you invent your own goddamn thesis and pray that your professor likes it. 

Either way, this assignment is the latter, and I’m about ready to start climbing the walls to get away from it.  My goal is to do a paragraph a day.  I just finished today’s, and I’m praying to God my parents don’t get this when it’s finished and go, "Um, honey.  We have no fucking clue what you’re talking about." 

Which, on the whole, wouldn’t surprise me.  In spite of all the information I’ve got, and the fact that I consider myself a halfway decent writer, I still feel like I’m pulling shit out of my ass. 

Wow.  I just realized there are a lot of curse words in this entry.  I’m not usually this terrible with the language, unless I’m really excited, really angry, or, as the case is here, really frustrated.  Expect an update when this mother—— is finally finished.  The way my schedule stands now, we’re looking at Sunday as the done date. 

Please God, I hope.


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