Two Down . . .

Awful paper is awful.  But finished.  Yay!  And partially edited.  Also yay! 

Anyway, the reason for the title is that I have four essays due before the end of this year; three in English, one in Spanish.  The Spanish one is finished but not edited, the first English essay will be finished and turned in whenever I hear from my mother and get her comments on it.  That leaves me with one more honest to goodness essay, and one more essay in the form of a creative nonfiction piece.  That should be entertaining, as I am terrible about writing in a long winded fashion about myself, unless it is in the form of my private journals that no one except me reads.  

Plus, I have one final exam during my finals week, and then I get to go home way earlier than I would’ve expected.  *is excited*  

Such as it is, I am slowly working my way through the necessary pile of crap.  Turned in my last necessary homework assignment for another English class today, which means I may not be doing any of the others if I get lazy–likely–or too busy–also likely.  We’re coming to the end of editing pieces for two other English classes, which is a huge relief and a half.  And, my band concert is in a week and two days, which means we have five rehearsals left before that’s no longer a concern for me either.  Oh, and my parents are coming out to see me play, so that will be cool.

To round this out, I think I’ll include a brief to-do list, just to remind myself of the necessary tasks–some fun and others not–for this week.  Obviously, this is not ranked by importance.  Or is it . . .

1.  Watch Castle
2.  Watch Glee
3.  Update personal journal in regards to last weekend/this week
4.  Interview parents for creative nonfiction piece
5.  Start creative nonfiction piece
6.  Turn in first English essay
7.  Get other homework done and dealt with
8.  Relax

I think that’s about it.  Hope you’re all having a pleasant week.   


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