Random Character Stuff

So, for those of you who have read or are familiar with my novels Back to Roots and Uprooted, I was thinking . . . After a day of listening to Broadway music, I started considering which solo my characters would sing, if they got to pick in age order and each had to choose a solo from a different musical.  The solo they sing would also have to be sung by a character they would’ve, at some point, played.  (In my head of course.)  
The only other rule I imagined laying down for them is that it must be a solo, with only choir backing.  No other major character can be singing with them. 

Okay, assuming you’re even still reading this–because I’m mostly writing it for my own personal pleasure–here’s the list.

Paul:  "Stars" from Les Miserables (character: Javert)
Anita:  "Memory" from Cats (character: Grizabella)
Joe:  "Close Every Door" from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (character:  Joseph)
Tara:  "A New Life" from Jekyll and Hyde (character:  Lucy)
Marie:  "Paciencia y Fe" from In the Heights (character:  Abuela Claudia)
Mike:  "Fortune Favors the Brave" from Aida (character:  Radames)
Eddie:  "Halloween" from Rent (character:  Mark)
Anna:  "No Good Deed" from Wicked (character:  Elphaba)

Thank you for indulging me in this lovely character exercise.  That is all. 


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