New Writing Project

So, for those of you who are unaware, which is probably all of you, I am starting a new writing project for the summer.  An LJ community called is doing a 100 drabbles of Summer Challenge, in which one strives to write 100 prompts of 100 words apiece between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Because I don’t yet have enough on my plate–note the sarcasm–I figure I will give this little writing exercise a shot. 

If there is anyone on my friends list who wants to participate, I would strongly advise that you go join the community and sign up.  It should be a good time, and hey, it’s not like you’re forced to write a lot.  I worked out the math with my boyfriend, and we figured out that that’s about one drabble a day.  100 words a day.  It begins on Memorial Day, and I’m quite looking forward to getting started.

To count, just for my own benefit, here’s what I have under my belt in terms of writing goals for this summer. 

1.  100 Drabbles Challenge
2.  Finish writing The Hunted
3.  Edit The Recruited, to the best of my capabilities. 
4.  Finish posting Back to Roots to  
5.  Work on the 100 Prompts Challenge, not to be confused with the 100 Drabbles Challenge, in my spare time.
6.  Develop side projects, including the final book in the Nowhere to Hide trilogy.
7.  Whatever other challenge or writing goals come my way. 

Looks like I’m going to be busy!


One day . . .

I had such an awesome day today.  Saw the boyfriend, , and the brother of the boyfriend because they were all in the neighborhood for a convention.  Plus, invited  to join us for the shenanigans.  We hung out, and sat around, and talked, and ate out, and hung around some more.  All in all a pretty fantastic afternoon.  

And yet . . . Watching the boyfriend and company leave is always hard.  It’s a little less difficult to say goodbye to my friends, as I know I will be seeing them all multiple times this summer, but I hate saying goodbye to him knowing it will be a month and a half, then a visit, and then another month and a half until school starts.  The way this relationship is right now, neither he nor I have much time to spend together.  We make the most of what we’ve got but . . . 

I don’t know.  One of these days I want to be sure that I’m not going to have to watch him leave without knowing he’ll be coming back to me in short order.  I’m well aware that it’s going to be a long wait though.   


I live!  Well, I have been living, obviously, but . . . whatever.  What I mean by the first sentence of this post is that I am finally done with school for the year.  Which is fantastic, because the end of this year was pretty terrible, for a variety of reasons. 

For one thing, I had the worst workload I’ve had for the end of the school year at college.  Four papers, one of them in another language, and one final.  I mean, both my best friends had about four times as many finals as I did, but the majority of their paper writing was over pretty early.  Sometimes I question my major because of all the papers I have to write, but when it comes down to it I like what I’m studying.

Anyway, the school workload wasn’t much of a big deal after the weekend before finals’ week.  I was pretty on top of things so that by the time I went to visit my boyfriend the weekend before I had to turn in my last two essays and take my exam, I was basically ready to go.  Of course, that weekend had to turn out to be one of the suckier ones of this whole year, for reasons I can’t go into here.  Let’s just say that I never expected to see that kind of behavior from anyone, and that even my parents were shocked.  Oh, and my boyfriend isn’t the man I’m referring to.

Once I returned from hell, I found out that not only was my roommate sick as a dog, but that my boyfriend wouldn’t be able to come down and see me off the day I left, even though it was his day off work.  Now I’m getting over being sick, I’m bored at work, and I have to wait until tonight to conceivably have some fun with another friend, assuming she gets back to  me about plans.

Overall, I’m better now that I’m at home, but thinking about the events at the end of the year still has a way of making me feel sick.  More than anything right now, I want time to dull memory, or at least, certain memories.  That would be a blessing.