100 Drabbles of Summer – 01. Vacation

So, since I don’t think you guys are able to access my drabbles from my list without being logged in as me, I will be posting them to my journal. Enjoy if you feel like reading!

01. Vacation

“When I come home from tour,” he’d promised, as we lay on his bed the day he was due to leave, “we’ll book an expensive hotel in the city and act like tourists.”

I spent a summer waiting, the hardest three months of my life. Two weeks after he returned, and I’d begun to think that he’d forgotten.

Then, on my birthday weekend, we caught a cab downtown. He walked me into the Drake like I was a princess, told me all about the things he’d planned for us.

We nearly missed every one, busy making up for lost time.

Anna Foster and Jason Vilnas. Original Characters.


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