As quoted from Nanowrimo: My Big, Fun, Scary List

Wow, this may be the first actual blog-like entry I’ve posted in months.  I mean, I’ve been a regular here with the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge, and various memes, as well as at  community, where I’m posting.  But still, I haven’t much kept up my blog because, really, when you’re trying to do as much as I’m doing, the blogging can kind of fall by the wayside.  This is my attempt to both remedy that situation, steal something that I posted on the Nanowrimo forums, and keep tabs on everything I want to try and accomplish before the year ends.

Here goes:

1. Finish writing The Hunted.
2. Finish the 100 Drabbles of Summer Challenge before Labor Day
3. Do one more editing run through–minimum–of The Recruited
4. Actually finish #47 of the 100 Prompts Challenge
5. Get my banking in order. How many months has it been since I’ve updated the checkbook?
6. Pick up the keys for my new apartment. Or, you know, have one of my roommates do it.
7. Compile a series of recipes so that I actually have food to eat next year.
8. Learn to cook. Or at least, cook enough to survive.
9. Find a printer that works
10. Practice for chair audition before I go back to school
11. Finish one of my lovely friend’s birthday gifts
12. Get some more pleasure reading done before I go back to school reading
13. Collect the remainder of the apartment goodies on my list
14. Find employment at school, preferably something that pays decently and will allow me to work through the year, and part of next summer.
15. Move in successfully.
16.  Improve on guitar enough to play the song I’ve been working on for ages.
17. Begin the third book in the Nowhere to Hide trilogy. 
18. Outline Nano 2010.
19. Curl up in a ball and die.

Anyway, that looks like it for now.  I’ll be striking these as I complete them.  You know, assuming I actually DO complete them.


Music Meme

Day 30:  Your favorite song at this time last year

And we come to the end!  It’s been great doing this meme, and now I have an awesome playlist that I can go fashion.  To answer the question, my favorite song, or at least one I had on repeat, last year, was . . .

"Bad Things" by Jace Everett.

Watch the video here

If the link doesn’t work, just YouTube the video. 

Music Meme

Day 29:  A song from your childhood.

One I can bring to mind, that we used to listen to–and still do, sometimes–when we’re driving around with my dad on the weekends, is . . .

"Fire and Rain" by James Taylor.

Watch a video here

If the link doesn’t work, simply YouTube the video.

Music Meme

Day 28:  A song that makes you feel guilty

Um, I can come up with one.  And only one.  And I can’t remember if I’ve used it before on this meme.  If I have, my apologies.  If I haven’t, good I have a new song to add to the list.  That song is . . .

"All Over You" by the Spill Canvas.

Watch the video here

If the link doesn’t work, YouTube the video.

By the by, the lead singer looks like my ex-boyfriend, if that gives you a clue. 

Music Meme

Day 27:  A song that you wish you could play

God in heaven, there are TONS.  Literally, tons I wish I could play.  On acoustic guitar, at any rate.  One of them, however, is the song I was in the process of learning, before I realized that I was doing something else wrong on the song I’d just learned.  That song is . . .

"Jumper" by Third Eye Blind. 

Watch the music video here

If the link doesn’t work, just YouTube the video. 

100 Drabbles of Summer – 45. The last time you were late





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45 The last time you were late

Anita flew into the theater, brushing aside offers to take her coat or show her to her dressing room.  “You’re late,” her make-up lady warned her, as she threw aside her furs and began to strip down so she could get into her costume.

“I know,” Anita apologized.  “I took my family to dinner, and we lost track of time.”

“Sit,” the lady ordered.  “The show starts in an hour, you’re in the opening scene, and I’ve got forty-five minutes to make you look flawless.”

“Sorry,” Anita murmured. 

Forty-four minutes later, Anita stood behind the curtain ready for her debut.    

Anita Dawson.  Original character.


Music Meme

Day 26:  A song you can play on an instrument. 

This is only tricky because I can play the song I’m about to mention one way that is easy, but I’m working on learning it another way that is harder . Still, the fact that I can play an easy version counts, I think.  Anyway, the instrument of choice is acoustic guitar, and the song is . . .

"Wonderwall" by Oasis.

Watch the video here

If the link doesn’t work, YouTube the video.