Like this is really news . . .

I have to get to school or I will end up killing someone.  Like perhaps myself.  (No, I am not suicidal.  That was a joke.)

I can’t even begin to describe in a semi-public forum how ready I am to be away from all this family drama for awhile.  Dealing with practical shit like grocery shopping, and cleaning, and cooking my next meal seems so.  much.  better.  in comparison to all of this.  Hell, I will even take homework  up the ass on top of trying to find a job and have fun over sitting around waiting for the next explosion or discussion or serious moment. 


Side note:  Six days.  Almost five days until I see the boyfriend.  Again, thank you God. 


One thought on “Like this is really news . . .

  1. I know we talked last night, but I’m sorry. = ( It still sucks. Perhaps drabble comment spammage will make it slightly better? = D (Ha ha, unlikely.)

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