Old Arguments

I’ve noticed lately that there are a lot of things, old discussions, or old issues that keep cropping up in my life.  This is not a problem limited to any one person in my life, but spread throughout many, myself included. 


I was chatting with the boyfriend tonight, and he mentioned that someone I don’t like was annoyed with him for not mentioning that they were in the same place at the same time.  My initial response was, "Thank God you (the boyfriend) didn’t tell this other person that.  Otherwise I would’ve had to look like a bitch by making up an excuse not to spend time with them."

Sigh.  He thinks I’m going to forget about what happened.  I have no intention of it happening.  This isn’t something I hold onto to be shallow or petty, it’s something I hold onto because it still hurts.  If I’m in the right mood, it still has the power to piss me off.

The problem is that this is not the only thing with the power to bother me over and over again.  There are several.  Many, in fact.  And it worries me that I’m becoming the kind of person who holds grudges, who lets stupid shit bother her for not much cause. 

And that’s more worrisome to me than all those old arguments combined.