The Chapter One Rewrite

So, much to my own shock and surprise, I’ve already rewritten chapter one of The Recruited, which is the first novel in my Nowhere to Hide trilogy.  It literally got done on top of my character journal entries last Friday night/Saturday morning.  I think I wrote over seven thousand words on Friday, which resulted in my staying up until one in the morning that day.  I was up at nine on Saturday morning, during which time I finished rewriting chapter one.

Finally, I feel like I might be satisfied enough with it to be able to send it out after one more major round of editing.  (Of course, I’m getting way ahead of myself here.)  I rewrote something like the first six pages of the chapter, and omitted a bunch of sentences from the rest, all while turning it into third person from first.  (You can see why I felt like my brain might have been frying itself towards the end of the night.)

However, I feel like anyone reading the story would know a lot more about Naomi–my protagonist–and her motivations, as well as her relationship with Tom.  Which, when you think about it, are the two things which are supposed to kick off the story.  I am super proud of myself, because I’ve never done that much editing/rewriting/cutting with any other project of mine, and I can see why everyone raves about it.

It felt absolutely fantastic.


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