Writing and Shakespeare

I’ve been doing a ton of writing lately, to the point where it’s become hard for me to focus on homework and, you know, practical things.  I’ve finished writing chapter thirteen of The Lost, which was super difficult because of the subject matter.  I seem to be writing a fair amount of scenes with violence or torture, which is crazy to me, considering I can barely watch those things in movies or on TV without cringing.  I’ve been trying to make them as not gory as possible, by only describing the details that are necessary, but I have a feeling I will be cutting back when I edit.

I’ve also gotten up to the rewrite of chapter seven, which I should be done with today.  I’m trying to cut as I go, but I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to go back once the chapter is finished and cut things out.  It takes longer than I would’ve liked.  I should probably get caught up on that, although it’s still tempting to save everything for the end when the book is done being rewritten and just cut all at once.  That’s probably what I’ll do.

In other news, I finished posting my first original novel "Back to Roots" to  a few days ago.  It’s crazy to me, because I’ve been posting that story for about as long as I’ve been on that community.  Next up is the sequel, once it’s completely edited.  However, I am still tempted to rewrite both of those in their entirety.  I don’t think I’m ready to let that story die yet.

School is kicking my ass this week.  I’m on a total Shakespeare binge, reading Henry IV Part 2 and writing questions, skimming Henry V and writing questions, rehearsing for our performed scene from Henry V every day before class (think 8:00 in the morning), and . . . starting my paper.  I have a 5-7 page essay to do on Henry V before next Wednesday.  I have not gotten as much of a jump on that as I would’ve liked. 

That being said:  "I know the disciplines of the war.  And there is an end." 


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