Reverb 2010

So, I’ve found another writing project through  over at one that will only last me through the duration of December.  Right about now I’m thinking I found that project just in the nick of time, since I had just finished all my finals prep and was needing a break from the noveling.

Anyway, the purpose of this project is to reflect back on the year 2010 and think about things you’d like to change or do differently in 2011.  I’ve been doing two prompts a day to catch up by the end of the month, because obviously this has to be done before January.  (Or not, but it helps me to have a deadline.) 

The website link is and I hope at least some of you will go check this out.   The prompts don’t have to be any set length.  They can be however long or short, specific or vague as you feel like doing that day.  My only issue has been reflecting back over the year enough to come up with shit to write about.

It might be time to break out those journals I keep all year round so I can find more ideas.  🙂

To those who you do this:  have fun and happy writing.  I’ll probably be keeping mine to myself, just because some of them reveal too much about where I live, or give names of people I’d rather not reveal online.  Not to mention all the, you know, personal stuff. 


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