Writing Updates and Christmas Break

To quote the vlogbrothers, this LiveJournal post comes to you today in three parts.

Part 1:  The Good. 

The good is that I’ve finally finished switching The Recruited from first person to close third.  I’ve been working on that since, oh, early October, so it’s wonderful to finally have the hard part out of my hair.  (Yes, I did just call the retyping "the hard part."  It’s way harder than I’m expecting the editing to be.)  I’m also on chapter eight of editing the story, and I finally know what my protagonist’s internal motivation and key flaw are.  (Again, yes, this may sound basic, but it’s actually harder than it sounds to incorporate this in an action dominated story.)

Then again, brainstorming with  tonight helped a ton.

Part 2:  The Bad. 

I have no freaking clue what my grades are for school.  They were due in on Wednesday, but they haven’t been posted yet.  I’m only whining about this because a friend of mine from THE SAME SCHOOL got hers, like, yesterday.  Where is the justice? 

I also haven’t worked on The Lost very much lately, because I’ve been so caught up with the editing that I just haven’t had the time–or admittedly, the inclination–to do more new writing.  Which is stupid.  I need to finish writing this trilogy so I can move onto something else.  Like editing book one and querying it, editing book two, and finding new writing projects to do.

Part 3:  The Meh.

I’m not enjoying the Reverb project as much as I’d like.  It’s fun and all, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’ve done a bit too much crap lately where I’ve been under a deadline to enjoy it to its full potential.  Never mind the fact that I started late and I’m doing two or three posts a day to catch up.  Also, have not done anything for the 100 Prompts Challenge since finishing prompt #47 back . . . whenever that was.  I swear, when I find the inspiration or when The Lost is finished, or The Recruited is edited, I shall get back to those.

Also, am still trying to decide whether to enter the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest this year.  Any feedback would be much appreciated. 

Merry Christmas to all, when it comes your way, and to all a good night!


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