Well, this is going to be fun . . .

I am exactly two weeks and a day into the semester and already I’m thinking I might die.  Was it wrong of me to sit back and think, "Oh, well, I got the classes I wasn’t terribly excited about out of the way last semester, and besides, how much work can two classes through the creative writing track be?" 

Well, my (livejournal) friends, let me tell you that I have been able to do some calculations and have discovered that I was full of shit.  (Props if you know where the quote came from.)  I am already behind on work, behind on sleep, behind on working out, behind on everything else, and pretty annoyed with myself. 

Literally all I did this past weekend, other than spend time with the boyfriend and some friends, was read for school.  And I was still incapable of finishing the two–count them, two–novels I was supposed to have read for Monday.  I see no way to catch up on homework this semester other than to forgo sleep.  (And we all know what happens when I forgo sleep.)

Right now, my to do list goes a little something like this:

1.  Lit and Culture readings for tomorrow (over 70 pages to highlight)
2.  Reading for Spanish on Wednesday and answering questions
3.  Reading and editing two short stories for Weds.
4.  Reading journals due Thurs.
5.  Paper due Fri.
6.  Practice clarinet.  Practice, practice, practice. 
7.  Assorted other homework assigned throughout the week

Throw in the other unavoidable tasks I have this week like, oh, going to class, feeding myself, cleaning up the mess I make feeding myself, working 11 hours, and trying to take minute amounts of time to myself, and you’ll see why I’m grateful I didn’t take my usual course load.  This is only 15 HOURS people.  And I still think I might go crazy by spring.  

Rant done.  Time to finish running errands then go back to work.   

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