Busy, busy, busy

This semester is still kicking my ass, but thanks to a couple breaks it hasn’t been quite as bad.  I had a paper due Friday for the honors proseminar I’m taking, and our teacher was kind enough to move that back to Monday.  Next week, we’re doing less than a hundred pages of reading for this same class.  (Lately, we’ve been doing upwards of 300). 

I do still have a presentation due for my Fiction Writing Seminar this week, but once that’s done, I’m two presentations down of the three I have to do this year.  Next week I get workshopped for the same class, and after that I don’t have to write anything new except for the requisite weekly stuff. 

(It’s kind of weird to be getting done with all this stuff so early in the semester.)

We have a band concert two weeks from today, and then I’ll only have one more concert left to prep for this semester.  Not to mention this week, I shall finally accomplish two tasks I’ve been meaning to do since the semester started, practically.  One of these is finally getting a class added that I’ve been attending all semester, but which overlaps with something else I’m taking.  And so help me God I’m going to meet with that professor this week to talk about a thesis for next year.

(There’s plenty more school stuff to remark on, but that’s the significant parts.)

Now for the writing.  I’m still quite stalled on "The Lost," but my gun anthology finally came in so I’ve been doing some editing for "The Recruited."  I’m on chapter five, but trying to take my time because this is–hopefully–the last draft before I query.  And speaking of queries, guess whose is only one correction away from being fixed? 

I’m thinking once that’s done, I’m finally going to get on writing a synopsis that doesn’t suck.  Then I’ll be taking out a month or two long subscription to Publisher’s Marketplace so I can research the agents I’m querying more thoroughly.  I hate to spend the money, but that will be the most necessary thing I spend money on this year, I have a feeling.

On the "Back to Roots" front, I had the first two revised chapters workshopped, and got a ton of great feedback.  I’ve completed chapter three, am almost done with chapter four, and will be having those workshopped too, once my turn comes around again.  

Random sidenote:  I also started writing a completely unrelated short story based off a dream I had.  The dream was freaky.  Hopefully the story doesn’t turn out that way.   I’m thinking I might submit it to be workshopped for the seminar, depending upon how it turns out.  Thoughts?


This is kind of sad . . .

. . . but I’m actually waiting for two books on guns and weaponry so that I can continue my last editing draft.  I really want to get finished, polish up the query, write the synopsis and get on the querying.  Unfortunately, I still need to do the majority of those things and I also have to do simple things like, oh, attend classes and do homework and go to work. 

Guess this is part of the process though, trying to balance writerly things against educational things.  I just wish I had more time right now to devote to the writerly things.  Oh well. 

Back to the homework in the hopes that I can get more writerly things done!

Side note:  I’ve also started rewriting another project, "Back to Roots" which is up on in its original form.  The rewrite will focus on about half as many characters and have half as many subplots.  Basically the point of this rewrite is to take the original version and make it far less complicated than it is right now.  I’ll be updating about that as well as the Nowhere to Hide trilogy, which except for editing The Recruited, is on hold for a bit.  I’m awfully burned out on The Lost and I’m not sure when I’ll go back and finish it.  

Never fear though.  That will be done. 

Snow Day!

And seriously, guys, the timing could not have been better!. I am thrilled!  Even though it’s almost over, I’m actually pseudo caught up on things.  Not to mention I have a morning class canceled tomorrow because of how cold it’s going to be, so I have MORE time to work on homework before I work my last shift of the week.  Yes!

That’s all because I’m going to bed.  Carry on.