This is kind of sad . . .

. . . but I’m actually waiting for two books on guns and weaponry so that I can continue my last editing draft.  I really want to get finished, polish up the query, write the synopsis and get on the querying.  Unfortunately, I still need to do the majority of those things and I also have to do simple things like, oh, attend classes and do homework and go to work. 

Guess this is part of the process though, trying to balance writerly things against educational things.  I just wish I had more time right now to devote to the writerly things.  Oh well. 

Back to the homework in the hopes that I can get more writerly things done!

Side note:  I’ve also started rewriting another project, "Back to Roots" which is up on in its original form.  The rewrite will focus on about half as many characters and have half as many subplots.  Basically the point of this rewrite is to take the original version and make it far less complicated than it is right now.  I’ll be updating about that as well as the Nowhere to Hide trilogy, which except for editing The Recruited, is on hold for a bit.  I’m awfully burned out on The Lost and I’m not sure when I’ll go back and finish it.  

Never fear though.  That will be done. 


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