Bored on a Saturday, Waiting for a Phone Call

This is starting to sound like a bad country song.  I’ll stop that.

Anyway, I have a couple updates to declare, mostly about writing but a few other things too.

I’m enjoying Twitter more than I thought I would.  My enjoyment hasn’t reached the stages of my crippling addiction to facebook (hahaha . . .  but seriously . . .) but it’s interesting to see what friends and fellow writers have to say on a day to day basis.  I usually update about once or twice a day, and I’ve linked to this blog on my account.  Not sure how many people actually have checked out my blog, but I’m betting not too many.  Wonder if I should try and change that . . .

In terms of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, I learned recently that I did not make it to the Quarterfinal Round, which I was basically expecting.  The more I consider it, the more I’m thinking that I’m going to need to cut the first two chapters of The Recruited and do some more editing to weave what is essentially background information throughout the rest of the story.  Oddly enough, I’m accepting of the fact that more work needs done, because I think the rest of the book keeps an enjoyable pace and enough happens.  As I told my mom the other day, I’m worried that agents will read pages and a query and not understand the beginning because the query starts three chapters in.  I’m waiting on another reply to a query or two before that happens though, just to confirm my suspicions.

I’ve been dually writing The Lost and rewriting Back to Roots, which may or may not need a new title.  I’m still trying to decide.  For once I’m actually enjoying working on two projects simultaneously, because when I get bored with one I can move onto something else.  I also managed to work through some outlining glitches on both stories, and that’s helped me a ton with productivity.  Being workshopped on some of the chapters of Back to Roots is especially useful, because my class is able to tell me what needs fixing and where I should watch the clarity or character development or whatever else.

At any rate, I should probably go and do some writing or reading.  Just about anything seems more productive than sitting on the internet waiting for the phone to ring right about now.



In other news . . .

. . . I have a twitter.  If I know you, I’ll probably add you in the next few days or weeks, so be prepared.

It’s not something I was horribly eager to do, but it seems like something that could pay off in the long run because of my desire to talk more with other writers and learn more information about the publishing industry.  I would use the phrase “a necessary evil” but that’s a little extreme.  A necessary annoyance is more accurate.

Spring Break is next week, and I’m really flipping excited.  Not only do I get to go home for a week, but I also have time to catch up on the homework and do more writing/researching.  I would add revising on there, but as of now, I am done revising The Recruited.  Here’s hoping I did enough to land an agent at some point.

On the one hand, I’ll probably be getting a subscription to Publisher’s Marketplace in the next few days, or next month, just so I can do more research on agents, read up on their deals so I have a leg up when I start querying.  Have I mentioned the query letter is finally finished too?

Have I also mentioned how awesome I feel?

For now, that is all.