In other news . . .

. . . I have a twitter.  If I know you, I’ll probably add you in the next few days or weeks, so be prepared.

It’s not something I was horribly eager to do, but it seems like something that could pay off in the long run because of my desire to talk more with other writers and learn more information about the publishing industry.  I would use the phrase “a necessary evil” but that’s a little extreme.  A necessary annoyance is more accurate.

Spring Break is next week, and I’m really flipping excited.  Not only do I get to go home for a week, but I also have time to catch up on the homework and do more writing/researching.  I would add revising on there, but as of now, I am done revising The Recruited.  Here’s hoping I did enough to land an agent at some point.

On the one hand, I’ll probably be getting a subscription to Publisher’s Marketplace in the next few days, or next month, just so I can do more research on agents, read up on their deals so I have a leg up when I start querying.  Have I mentioned the query letter is finally finished too?

Have I also mentioned how awesome I feel?

For now, that is all.


2 thoughts on “In other news . . .

  1. omg. congrats on finishing your letter! it’s a huuuge step. i wish you the best of luck in whatever it is you are querying, and if you get accepted somewhere, let us know? i want to own it!

    • Hey, thanks! It’s been a long time in coming. If I get an agent–miraculously–I will most definitely tell you. Thanks for the encouragement! It means a lot coming from someone as talented as you are.

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