No News is . . . No News

Not much happening on the querying front.  I sent out another letter two days ago because I saw that this particular agent is looking to rep what I have.  Other than a confirmation email saying that she’d gotten the query and promising to get back to me, I haven’t heard anything.  I’m getting close to resending one of them because they promise to reply in a certain time span, and that time span is already exceeded.  I’ll give them another week before I’ll probably resend. 

I am open to opinions though.  This is one of those agencies that responds to everything, or at least did the last time their website was updated.  Thoughts?  Resend or not?

Sadly I haven’t been doing as much writing as I’d like.  School has gotten in the way of my time, and life has gotten in the way of large portions of my motivation.  That’s just kind of the way things are right now, and when I’ve been able to get anything done, it’s been largely on the Back to Roots rewrite.  Of course, that’s probably better right now, just because this needs to be done or largely done for  in late June and because I have hopes of potentially publishing it some day.  I still really love these characters, and I feel like I’ve done a much better job of telling their story this time around. 

Which reminds me.  Back to Roots really kind of needs a new title.  I mean, the current one isn’t awful, but it wouldn’t hurt to find one that better summarizes the story as it is now.  If at some point I come up with a new one, I’ll let you know before I start referring to the book that way. 

And that’s all for now.  Over and out.


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