Relapsing (among other things)

It’s weird.  Since I’ve been home, I feel like I’ve taken steps backwards in getting over my ex-boyfriend, not the steps forward I wanted to take.  My theory here is that I got used to being without him at school–or at least, passably used to it–and here I’m still getting used to being without him.  Hopefully, when I come back in August after spending two months working at school, I’ll be more accustomed to being alone. 

The funny thing is that–for the first time in my life–I’m being encouraged by my parents to go out and date other people.  My dad all but told me that I should go and meet someone else, that I shouldn’t ignore the prospect of going out with somebody this summer should an opportunity present itself.  Though part of me is really grateful for the support, the other part of me is snidely thinking, "What, just because I’m single now I’m entitled to date whoever I want?"  It doesn’t help that my sister’s generic response is, "You’re better off without the asshole." 

Look, I know I’m better off without the guy.  But calling him "the asshole" demeans my choice too.  I don’t think she realizes it.

The only good thing to come out of this is that my writing hasn’t majorly suffered.  I’m busting my way through a tough section right now, a kind of prelude to the rising action that precedes the climax, if we’re going to get technical.  🙂  But so far, I’ve been basically ripping out 1500 to 2000 or 2000+ words a day, which is a ton.  Obviously, this is going to suffer some when I go back to school and start work, but for now I’m glad for every single word. 

If I continue on the same path, I’m going to end up with the 50,000 words I need for the 50k in 50 days Challenge, and I’ll get my draft done in time for  .  That’s the ideal situation, anyway.  Not to mention hearing back from a few agents regarding The Recruited and landing some feedback or some requests.  

I’ll be letting you guys know about all of that, and I appreciate your bearing with while I complain.  How have you all been?


Home Again, Home Again . . . But Not

Currently, I’m sitting out a monster of a storm on vacation.  The trees are whipping back and forth outside my hotel room window and it’s pouring down buckets of rain.  And yet, I’m still probably in a better head space than I’ve been in awhile. 

For one thing, I’m at one of my favorite places in the world.  For another, school has finally finished with the receiving of my grades, and though they weren’t what I would’ve liked, they’re still pretty good.  What’s more, it marks the end of another school year, one more down until I’m done.  Even better, I’ve been getting a lot of writing/rewriting done. 

The Back to Roots rewrite is nearing the halfway point, or so I think now, so that’s really good news.  I have about five weeks left to get the first draft done, and right now I’d say I’m in pretty good shape.  (Note:  this may change in a few weeks when I start running up against that self-imposed deadline and beating my head against the wall, but for now I think I’m doing okay.)  Plus, I’m in large part liking what I’m putting down on the page, and I’m able to keep a fairly good two book arc in my head and think about what goes where. 

There’s been some exciting news on The Recruited front that led to me doing a rewrite of chapters one and two, along with the query letter, sooner than I’d perhaps planned.  I’m not going to elaborate right now, because I promised myself I wouldn’t in case things don’t come together, but I will say that I’ve finally caught a break that may or may not end up being lucky.  

Having my parents help me edit my query letter, as well as the first five pages of the new Chapter One of The Recruited helped immensely.  I knew I’d done my rewriting at least somewhat right when my mom sat back and said, "Now I’d even read the book."  (If you know my Mom, you’ll know she wasn’t trying to be insulting.)

Haven’t been working on any of my prompts challenges yet, but that comes later.  Once I’ve got a first rewritten draft on the page, I’ll get on with those.  And hey, I’ve got my twenty-five songs, so I’m already ahead.  

Anyway, I’m going back to enjoying my vacation.  More updates ahead.  

Song Recommendations

I’ve already put this on my facebook, and I’ll probably also post it to Twitter if I don’t get any suggestions, but I’m really looking for songs for this 25 Songs Writing Challenge I have–in the example of –decided to embark upon.  I could use music from my own iTunes, but as I said in a post a few days ago, I already have stories formulated behind most of those songs.  

That being said, I need your help.  If you know of any songs that would be good story prompts, or that you just think I should hear because I probably haven’t before, please put the title and artist in the comment section of this post.  I still need quite a few for the purposes of this challenge, so if you want to recommend me a few, I’d be really grateful.  

Don’t worry if you have no idea what my tastes in music are.  I’m open to just about anything at this point.  Preference goes to those songs I have never heard before, but if you recommend me one I have heard and I come up with a good idea, I’ll probably still use it.  

Thanks so much guys!  I can’t wait to see what you suggest!


Good Things (Finally)

Let me start by saying that school is out for the summer!  Since this semester has not been a particularly good one–I’d go so far as to call it Godawful–this is everything I’ve been waiting for!  Words can’t express how thrilled I am.  There’s still the small matter of getting my grades and working two more shifts at my job before I can go home for three weeks, but still.  I am completely ecstatic.

For the first time in, like, three summers I have a job, so I’ll be staying at school for the better part of two months to work at it.  I have the beginning of my summer and the end of it off, and though I’ll be working pretty decent hours, I’ll also be making pretty decent money.  Things could be a lot worse. 

That being said, I have a lot of things I’d like to accomplish this summer, most of them writing related.  I need to finish–or mostly finish–the Back to Roots rewrite before June 30th so I can have a completed first draft for .  That’s priority number one. 

Priority number two is to work extensively at rewriting the beginning of The Recruited, as well as the query letter for it so that I hopefully get more bites on my next batch of queries.  I have a slight suspicion that this will be a much bigger job than I anticipate, and that accepting the amount of work that needs doing is half the battle.  Or so I will tell myself.  

Priority number three on the writing front is to complete another prompt (or two, or three, or even four) of the 100 Prompts Challenge, which I’ve been stuck on for about two years.  I’ve actually lost count of how long number forty-eight has been sitting uncompleted on my computer, and finishing that *$%#@ would be lovely.  

Priority number four, assuming I’m EXTRAORDINARILY on top of everything else would be to embark on a new challenge I heard about from one of the wonderful authors at  .  This would be a song related challenge, in which I’d collect twenty-five songs from people–probably via the internet and/or friends at home–and write prompts for them.  The only reason I’m not using my own music, unless of course it comes up from someone I ask, is because I feel like I already have a million stories for each of my own songs pertaining to characters I’m already familiar with.  The goal in doing this challenge would be to think about and/or develop new ideas.  Stay tuned.

Finally, there’s also the slightly less pleasant task of trying to update my personal journal–not this one.  I’d love to start reading for pleasure again.  I also am terribly behind on my TV shows, both of which are barreling towards their season finales.  If I watch an episode or so a day, I should be caught up in a week, week and a half tops.  Let’s see if I can take time out of my busy schedule to actually catch up. 

I could go on about how I need to get my apartment ready to go home, but I think I’ll stop here.  The writing is a lot more exciting to me–and probably you guys–than all the cleaning I have to do. 

So, tell me.  What are your summer plans?