Relapsing (among other things)

It’s weird.  Since I’ve been home, I feel like I’ve taken steps backwards in getting over my ex-boyfriend, not the steps forward I wanted to take.  My theory here is that I got used to being without him at school–or at least, passably used to it–and here I’m still getting used to being without him.  Hopefully, when I come back in August after spending two months working at school, I’ll be more accustomed to being alone. 

The funny thing is that–for the first time in my life–I’m being encouraged by my parents to go out and date other people.  My dad all but told me that I should go and meet someone else, that I shouldn’t ignore the prospect of going out with somebody this summer should an opportunity present itself.  Though part of me is really grateful for the support, the other part of me is snidely thinking, "What, just because I’m single now I’m entitled to date whoever I want?"  It doesn’t help that my sister’s generic response is, "You’re better off without the asshole." 

Look, I know I’m better off without the guy.  But calling him "the asshole" demeans my choice too.  I don’t think she realizes it.

The only good thing to come out of this is that my writing hasn’t majorly suffered.  I’m busting my way through a tough section right now, a kind of prelude to the rising action that precedes the climax, if we’re going to get technical.  🙂  But so far, I’ve been basically ripping out 1500 to 2000 or 2000+ words a day, which is a ton.  Obviously, this is going to suffer some when I go back to school and start work, but for now I’m glad for every single word. 

If I continue on the same path, I’m going to end up with the 50,000 words I need for the 50k in 50 days Challenge, and I’ll get my draft done in time for  .  That’s the ideal situation, anyway.  Not to mention hearing back from a few agents regarding The Recruited and landing some feedback or some requests.  

I’ll be letting you guys know about all of that, and I appreciate your bearing with while I complain.  How have you all been?


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