Work, work, work

I’m back at school working for the summer and on the whole it’s kept me extraordinarily busy.  I work two shifts a day, sometimes three, every day of the week.  And I work every other weekend, including the one coming up.  Between that, hanging with my remaining roommate and hanging with work people, things have been crazy busy.  Let’s just say I haven’t had much time to do necessary things, much less complete the pleasure writing I’ve been aiming for.

Here’s a recap of all the projects I have on the table and how they’re going, in case you guys are curious.

The Recruited is currently in the process of being edited for something like the eighth or ninth time.  I’ve been working over the full manuscript hardcore on the off chance that my partial request turns into a full request.  This usually means that I edit a chapter, send it to my parents, who edit it, go over it with them, make the changes, and then move on.  In the case of the chapter I’m on now, where most of it had to be rewritten, throw in the extra steps of rewriting, sending it back to them, making the changes they suggest again, and continuing forward.  It’s a long process, but unlike some of the other things I’m working on, I’m loving every minute of it.

Back to Roots has basically stalled.  I’ve had to drop out of  because there was no conceivable way I was going to have the project finished in time for the deadline.  It broke my heart a little, but I’m so much less stressed out without that hanging over my shoulders.  Right now I’m blaming the subject matter–a break up–more than I’m blaming my own motivation.  It’s hard for me to put a character I love as much as Anna through something that made me so wholly miserable without feeling inescapable guilt.  I wrote about 1k tonight, which is a big step in the right direction.  This is, of course, after I deleted all of chapter 25, but still.  Progress!

The 25 Song Challenge is coming along slowly.  I wrote what I thought would be prompt number two, but since I ended on a cliffhanger–which I hate–and there’s so much clambering for more, I have a feeling that prompt number two will probably be a two or three part story.  Prompt number three I already have the idea for, so once I finish up two–which will probably take a few more weeks–I’ll be moving onto that.  Only 23 more to go.  *facepalm*

As for my own personal 100 Prompts Challenge:  don’t even ask. 

How are you all doing?  Meeting your summer goals (if you had any)? 



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