Where has my summer gone?

I have eight days of work left before I go home until school starts.  In the interim, I’m going to be on vacation for somewhere between 10 and 12 days, exploring Canada with the family.  When I come home, there will be the hectic rush of trying to get all the last minute appointments taken care of before I’m back at college for my final year of school.  It’s so weird to think that this is my last summer off, the last time I won’t be working 40 hours a week where I would ordinarily be on a three month vacation.  I can’t get over it at all.

(Of course, this is just assuming I’m lucky enough to have a 40 hour a week job as soon as I graduate.  Please, God, maybe?) 

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get as much done as possible before I’m back to the daily grind of class, homework, and job.  This year I’m also throwing a thesis into the mix, though I’m still waiting to hear back from the one person who needs to just freaking answer my questions.  I really don’t want to go into the English building this coming week and bitch somebody out just because one professor isn’t on top of things.  Sigh. 

Writing wise, my parents and I are a third of the way through editing The Recruited again.  I still need to know if the changes I made in regards to chapter seven are fitting, and we need to move on and do chapter eight.  I have no idea if a full request is in the cards for me or not, but I’d rather not force my family and myself to scramble just because we’ve been putting off the editing. 

Funnily enough, seeing the last Harry Potter movie put me in the mood to write the one project I probably shouldn’t even be thinking about, much less looking at.  I’ve since churned out about four chapters of that novel, and I only have one more chapter to write before I’m caught up to my outlining and need to either outline more or sideline the book again.  Right now I’m not quite sure which option I’m going to choose.

Back to Roots is temporarily on hiatus, if only because I need to have a long, serious talk with my father about legal procedure and police procedure before I can move on and finish the chapter I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks.  Since said talk will probably not happen until I get home, don’t expect to hear anything else about this particular WIP until nine or ten days from now. 

As for the writing challenges, well, neither of those have been touched lately.  I’ve got the novel bug, and I’ve got it bad.  Oh well.  Things could be worse.  🙂


The Recruited: Contest with Brenda Drake

Title: The Recruited
Genre: YA

Pitch (35 words or less): Two teenage killers are recruited by the government to bring down an American terrorist organization trying to take over the country.

First 250 words (more or less):

Chapter One: The Offer

Naomi Williams was running, tearing over the grass towards the concrete wall sixty yards away. She had maybe half a minute left to reach it, thirty seconds to push her legs as hard as they could go until she was out of time. Off to her right, clumps of uniformed girls paid her little attention, glancing up only after she’d blown by them.

Ten seconds. Five. Naomi slapped a hand against the wall just as the loud, metallic buzz of an industrial bell called them back inside. Breathless and panting, she braced both hands against the rough surface and leaned forward, dark hair hanging in her face as she stretched out the backs of her calves. There was never enough time for everything that running entailed. If she chose to stretch properly beforehand that took five minutes off her running time. If she didn’t, the cramps hit sooner. It was a battle she couldn’t win.

Raising her head, she craned her neck to see past the top of the concrete. From where she stood, the barbed wire curling along the top of the wall blotted out part of the sky.

“Williams,” a woman’s voice barked from near the entrance to the yard. “Get over here.”

Naomi drew a hand across her forehead, trying to wipe away some of the sweat. It wasn’t like she could go inside and put on a clean outfit. In juvenile prison, there were no changes of clothes at midday.

Feel free to read and review! I’m up for any kind of constructive criticism you can throw my way! Thanks again for the awesome opportunity!

This is the weekend report . . .

I don’t think it’s legal to be this bored on a Saturday night on a weekend when you’re not working.  Seriously, I should be out partying it up or at least hanging out with people right now.  The one lame thing about this town in the summer is that most of the people I talk to during the school year aren’t here!  And by the time next year rolls around, I’m going to be way too busy for any kind of fun.  😦

(Well, hopefully not ANY, but you get the drift.)

Went to the Farmer’s Market today to buy some things for a recipe I wanted to try.  For the second time in, like, two and a half weeks I was hit on by a much older guy.  It’s flattering and all–and hey, he liked my dress–but I really wish that the men who take the time to chat me up are at least passably close to my age.  On the plus side, my new recipe is definitely a keeper.  So good.  I’m still full.

Writing is coming slowly.  At this rate I’m not going to freaking have Back to Roots done by the end of the summer, if only because I went back over the old version of the chapter I’m currently rewriting and realized that there’s a giant gaping plot hole in there that I don’t even have the foggiest idea of how to fix.  I may have to sit down and have a chat with my dad about this, since it basically involves the kind of legal procedure I’m not horribly familiar with.  Thank God for resources though!  I am in the final quarter of the book–finally!–and I’m still hoping to finish a first draft by the time school starts.  There will be an update when I accomplish that or if I realize it isn’t possible.  

The Recruited hasn’t been touched in a few days because I’m waiting for my parents to get back to me on the chapter I sent them a day or two ago.  Dad keeps pointing out that I could go ahead and do more, but I’m a little reluctant because they’ve already found enormous things that affect the rest of the book and would simply result in me re-editing the chapters I’ve already done.  I’m trying to minimize the number of drafts if at all possible, hard considering how many I’ve already done.

The 25 Songs Challenge is on temporary hiatus while I get my short story writing mojo back.  On the flip side, I finished prompt 48 on the 100 Prompts Challenge and prompt 49 of the same thing.  Now if I could get 50 done I’d be over the halfway hump.  We’ll see.

It’s finally starting to hit me just how much work I’m going to need to do for my thesis, so I’m starting to dig into that.  God knows I’d really like to meet with my adviser, and I’m going to have to email the director about this eventually, but she’s been so completely unhelpful that I’m not looking forward to waiting a week for another non-answer.  That being said, I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through the most comprehensive book for my topic on the planet–no joke–and taking notes on what I find.  Only three more to read before they have to go back to the library at the end of the month!  

I know I’m doing a terrible job with regular updates considering how little other than writing and reading I have to do, but I’m trying to keep this journal fairly regular since it’s become less and less interesting for me to update my personal one.  I can’t help but wonder when I’m finally going to give up on that.  Probably when I have children or a real job.  :p

Anyway, what are you all up to tonight?  Hope you’re out doing exciting and interesting things!