Where has my summer gone?

I have eight days of work left before I go home until school starts.  In the interim, I’m going to be on vacation for somewhere between 10 and 12 days, exploring Canada with the family.  When I come home, there will be the hectic rush of trying to get all the last minute appointments taken care of before I’m back at college for my final year of school.  It’s so weird to think that this is my last summer off, the last time I won’t be working 40 hours a week where I would ordinarily be on a three month vacation.  I can’t get over it at all.

(Of course, this is just assuming I’m lucky enough to have a 40 hour a week job as soon as I graduate.  Please, God, maybe?) 

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get as much done as possible before I’m back to the daily grind of class, homework, and job.  This year I’m also throwing a thesis into the mix, though I’m still waiting to hear back from the one person who needs to just freaking answer my questions.  I really don’t want to go into the English building this coming week and bitch somebody out just because one professor isn’t on top of things.  Sigh. 

Writing wise, my parents and I are a third of the way through editing The Recruited again.  I still need to know if the changes I made in regards to chapter seven are fitting, and we need to move on and do chapter eight.  I have no idea if a full request is in the cards for me or not, but I’d rather not force my family and myself to scramble just because we’ve been putting off the editing. 

Funnily enough, seeing the last Harry Potter movie put me in the mood to write the one project I probably shouldn’t even be thinking about, much less looking at.  I’ve since churned out about four chapters of that novel, and I only have one more chapter to write before I’m caught up to my outlining and need to either outline more or sideline the book again.  Right now I’m not quite sure which option I’m going to choose.

Back to Roots is temporarily on hiatus, if only because I need to have a long, serious talk with my father about legal procedure and police procedure before I can move on and finish the chapter I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks.  Since said talk will probably not happen until I get home, don’t expect to hear anything else about this particular WIP until nine or ten days from now. 

As for the writing challenges, well, neither of those have been touched lately.  I’ve got the novel bug, and I’ve got it bad.  Oh well.  Things could be worse.  🙂


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