Away, apparently

Couldn't help answering the question asked by the title of my last post.  Though the weather is still beautiful here, my summer ends tomorrow with the start of a new semester.  I go back to work and class on the same day, and I won't get a break from either until December.  (Then again, December doesn't really count as a break this year because of all the thesis-related things that will be done during that month.)

On the other hand, I'm finally starting to feel prepared for the start of school.  My books and groceries are bought.  I have new tennis shoes–always a necessity when you live off campus–and new clothes.  The only thing left to do is my laundry, which I'm in the process of as we speak.  In fact, it's kind of ironic to me that the only things that aren't as done as I'd like are all writing related.

Thesis research is still being done, which is okay I guess, as I have another week or two to get four more sources minimum.  I'm actually more on top of my process than I would've thought, considering something big came along and completely disrupted all of my plans for going into school well prepared.  

Since you're probably curious by this point, I'll come right out and say it.  Last Tuesday I was contacted by the same agent who asked for a partial of "The Recruited" about two months before.  This time, she wanted the whole manuscript.  Needless to say I screamed and flailed and danced around my house for awhile, before proceeding to call the rest of my immediate family to tell them the good news.  My mom was already home when I heard, and she figured it out the second I opened my mouth.  🙂

This is huge, HUGE news.  Of course, it also keeps me very busy while I go over everything with a fine tooth comb in preparation for sending it off.  Keep your fingers crossed for me guys.  Over the course of the next few months, I'll need all the good luck I can get.  

Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the "Back to Roots" rewrite before classes start, simply because of the influx of everything else that needed to be done.  I am only four and a hair chapters away from the end, so with any luck I'll either be able to finish during the semester or over winter break in a few months.  My excellent father helped me break through the plothole that had stalled me for so long, and after that I wrote most of the rest of the book over the course of our vacation.  All in all, I'm better off than I thought I'd be.

On a side note:  I even managed to finish a few of the 100 Prompts Challenge prompts.  I'm now over halfway done with something I started three years ago.  And you know what?  Given everything I have going on, I still consider it progress.  

Hope all of you are doing well!         


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