Speedy Update is Speedy

So, just thought I'd take a moment to keep you all informed about what's going on right now.  (Keep in mind, this is in lieu of updating my personal diary, which I just don't feel like doing right now.) 

I sent in The Recruited full to the agent who expressed an interest, and I also got a partial request the same day I sent off the full.  Good day, as you might imagine.  Two emails sent off to two different agents with part or all of my manuscript does a happy writer make.  🙂  Really, that was the kind of thing I'd hoped for ever since I revised my query letter for the millionth time and sent out more letters into the publishing sea. 

The only downside of the full request was that reading over everything one last time completely derailed my school related productivity.  I have to say you guys, it actually came as a giant relief to do homework again this week, since I did so little last week.  I'm basically caught up by now, which is great, although God knows how long it will last. 

Tonight I put an early copy of my bibliography for my thesis down on paper, and I only have to read two more sources before I'm done with the research.  Both of those sources are works of fiction–thank God–and unless I encounter more information that I desperately need over the course of the writing process, I won't need to check out and pour over any more books.  *fingers crossed*

Also, is it stupid that I still have a goal to finish Back to Roots before the semester ends?  I'd ideally love to jump on it before I have to really delve into my thesis, and now that The Recruited is temporarily out of the way, I can't help thinking I'll be able to do it.  Problem is, I'm going to need someone to either talk me into pounding out the last few chapters, or someone to tell me I'm crazy and once again taking on too much.

Any takers?  What are you guys swamped with right now?  If anything? 

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