Writer’s Block: Love hurts

Time, really.  That's the best answer for me, and the only one I personally have any use for.  I've also found that doing your best to block that person from your thoughts, to not think about them, not look at pictures, not walk around thinking of all the little things that remind you of them eventually yields results.  

For me, the first is something that will almost always help you, and the second is something that will help you only if you are desperately committed to getting past that person. 

Then again, I'm not the expert.  Hell, I'm still new at this being alone thing myself.  These are just solutions I've found that worked/are working well enough for me to feel like a human being again.   


ThesisBrains and Nano

Apparently, my half of our thesis workshop now has its own hashtag on Twitter.  *points at title of LJ entry*  I couldn't help but point out how cool this is to me.  A long conversation commenting back and forth on a facebook post is what spawned this lovely hashtag, and I can't help but be pleased that there are so many awesome people in the workshop.  (This does, by the way, include the other people in the other half of our workshop class, and those in the other class entirely.  Let's just say I've met a lot of cool people this year and leave it at that.)

Speaking of theses, mine is coming along at a steady pace.  I'm nearly finished with the research and my annotated bibliography is currently up to date.  Not to mention I actually have my first ten pages written and in–passable–shape for our next meeting two weeks from now.  (Cue:  happy squealing.)  All this is very exciting, because I have a bad feeling my workload is going to pick up insanely in the next few weeks, especially if I don't get a jump on the homework I have now. 

Sigh.  I had a feeling senior year would be stressful, but that doesn't particularly mean I'm enjoying the familiar feelings of having too much to do. 

Thesis aside, I've finally been galvanized to get my ass in gear and finish my current WIP.  I have three chapters left and I'm hoping to be done with the writing by my birthday.  Other upcoming projects that require fairly rapid completion are my challenge piece for and my assignments for the writing seminar I'm taking.  Luckily, I have a fair bit of time to do those, but still.  I feel as though I should at least start them so they don't overwhelm me last minute.

Oh, and speaking of overwhelming, I am officially an idiot.  Why?  Because I'm seriously considering i.e. will probably end up doing NaNoWriMo.  Again.  On top of a thesis.  That being said, I have figured out a way to modify this year's writing marathon to my convenience.  For one thing, I'll be counting the words from my thesis–it is a creative piece after all–towards my final word count.  (I will, however, be taking my sweet time with this, so we'll see how it goes.)  For another, I'll be working on another story to fill in whatever words I don't get written towards my thesis in November.  Also, both of these stories I will have begun on some level before November actually starts.
Yes, I am aware this is cheating.  But here's my logic.  The one year I've won Nano and not hated the story I ended up with was the year that I'd already started, had a good idea of my plot, and my characters' voices securely in my head.  The year I won and promptly shelved the story was the year I started from scratch.  I will also be attempting to outline as much of the other story as I can, just to make this as easy as possible on myself. 

So what do you guys think?  Am I an idiot, or purely insane?  Take your pick.  🙂